Text Editors

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My favorite text editor for Mel was notepad, until Alex Hogan showed me the ConTEXT Editor
It was written by Eden Kirin, and is an excellent, easy to use text editor.

Alex also gave me a highlighter for Mel in context, which I have added node names to
and updated for Maya 6.0.
Right click, save target as here to download.. Install it to your ConTEXT directory/highlighters.
There are a few options you'll want to set in the editor for best results.
In Context, open the options>environment Options dialog box.
Go to the editor tab.
Turn Allow Cursor after end of line and Smart Tabs OFF.
Turn Line Numbers and Undo after save ON.
Set Tabs Mode to Hard Tabs. I prefer Tab Width at 5.
Last, at the bottom, you can set the default highlighter to Mel,
if thats mainly what you'll use the program for.
I think that's it.