I'm starting to accumulate a few Maya Plugins.
Please let me know if you run into problems with any of them.
Image Sampler.

A node to sample colors from a point on an image.
Enter the image name in the image name field,
and set the coordinates to the desired point.
It was created to allow the use of images as maps
in the City Script but I'm sure there may be other uses for it.

Please note, if you use it in any shading networks it renders fine
but won't show up correctly in hardware view.

It was created for Maya 6.0 on a Windows XP machine.
If it doesn't work on your computer please contact me
and we can work something out.

The node id # of the Image Sampler is 0x00976.
If that conflicts with anything, please let me know and I'll be happy to
recompile it for you with the id# of your choice.

Vector Modulus Node

A very simple node created for fun one afternoon.
It takes two vector inputs, input and modulus.
It outputs the input % modulus.
Nothing too exciting, unless you really want to do some "screen wrapping." Enjoy.

Node id # : 0x00977, let me know if you need a different one.

closestPointOnParticle Node

This node takes an input and finds the closest point in it's particle to that point.
It returns the point's coordinates and id.
It also returns a list of the particle id's sorted by their proximity to the input point.
This is the first version, please let me know any bugs you run into.

Node id # : 0x00980, let me know if you need a different one.

partiConstraint Node

Allows somewhat more efficient access to per-particle attributes
Currently the only inputs it takes from a particle are idMapping and position.
I'm planning on adding in slots to connect additional PP attributes to.
It runs somewhat more efficiently than using the particle command in query mode
in an expression.
A test I did showed it running approx 1.7 times as fast as an equivalent expression.
Hopefully that will improve. The readme has details.
Node id # : 0x00982, let me know if you need a different one.

email: name of this website, or my first and last name together as one word. At gmail.com
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