The City Builder script came from an idea
given to me by Reed Casey.
He said, "You should write me a script that makes cities."

The basic idea is this. The user creates the building
to make up the city, and a color map representing
the layout of the city.

Through the script the buildings are organized into
three building sets.
The sets are then linked to the the red, green, and blue
color channels on the map. When the user runs the script
it places the buildings on their appropriate colors.

The buildings are also assigned importance levels within their sets.
The buildings with higher levels will be placed on brighter colors,
lower levels are placed on dimmer colors.

When the buildings are placed on the map
they are not allowed to intersect one-another.
Intersections are checked for using the building's bounding boxes.

Since the bounding-box is always a rectangle enclosing the
entire model it can leave gaps between oddly shaped buildings.
The current solution for this is building definitions.
They allow the user to tell the script which portions
of the bounding box are not actually occupied by the building.

The script also features map compositing.
This allows the user to perform basic compositing operations on
the textures being used for the city map.
The operations currently are multiply, add, divide, and subtract.
They can be performed with any of the 2d textures in Maya.

The script is currently on version 10.
It is by no means fully polished, and the UI needs a lot of work.
Please tell me about any bugs or annoying features you run into
or email me with any questions.


email: name of this website, or my first and last name together as one word. At
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